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Residual Oil Remover dropper bottle


ROR Residual Oil Remover professional grade optical cleaner

ROR stands for “residual oil remover.” Unlike other lens cleaners, ROR is designed to emulsify and remove the microscopic film of oil residing on the surface that is caused by environmental pollution.

ROR is safe and versatile for all delicate surfaces. It has been tested and used on everything from multicoated lenses to beryllium surfaced contacts and has proven time and again to be the finest and safest optical cleaning treatment on the market today.

ROR recommends:

  • Use a can of compressed air or a camel hair blower brush to remove any particles that may be resting on the surface.
  • Place a few drops or spray a little ROR on the surface, let the solution settle for a few moments then wipe gently with a lens cleaning cloth or tissue making sure that you use as much of the clean area of cloth or tissue, each time you wipe. If you are working on a small surface, squeeze a few drops or spray some ROR onto the applicator that you are using and commence the cleaning as described above.
  • Apply enough pressure to effectively clean the optical surface.
  • Use a clean cloth or tissue to do a final wipe of the surface, again using sufficient pressure for each additional motion.

Also perfect for LCD screens – smartphones, tablets and computer screens.

Note: Not recommended for camera internals such as focusing screens and sensors.